A social business

Eve & Rose is a social business : 50% of the profits from our outstanding skincare products are donated to Children of Mekong, a long-standing NGO. They go where nobody else goes to help the poorest children and their communities, and carry out programmes in remote areas, slums and with ethnic minorities.

  • In 2016, we help finance the maintenance of Batang Mekong Nursery, based in the slums of Cebu in the Philippines. This nursery welcomes and give toddlers access to education..

  • In 2017, we help finance to the nursery of Docteur Christophe Merieux Center in Phnom Penh. This nursery welcomes 34 children from the poorest families in the capital to help them reintegrate into the public school system and offer them the best chances of success during their schooling.

  • In 2018, we helped finance the construction of a new school in Dak Dam, a remote area of Cambodia. This classroom will allow children from these ethnic minority to read and speak correctly Cambodian (which is not their first language), and to get a job anywhere in Cambodia.


Children of the Mekong is the UK branch of «Enfants du Mékong», a French charity founded in 1958. Their aim is to improve access and quality of education for the poorest children and their communities in seven countries in Southeast Asia.