The family life of Julie, founder of Rue des Petits

Julie has been living in London for almost 10 years, with her Russian-British husband and her two daughters Margaux and Agathe. She is the founder of our favorite eshop Rue des Petits, a cherry-picked selection of young designer brands and products. As two London based expat mums, we met last year to talk about entrepreneurship. Her passionate interest in promoting small brands and her way of thinking that « details really matter » appealed me at the first sight. For Eve & Rose, she went back a few years and answered our questions about her pregnancy and first steps as a Mum. 

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Your best memory ?

For Margaux, I was dying to feel the first proper kick in my belly. And she did it, on my birthday, just as Evgeny my husband was giving me my present. It was summer, we were on holidays, in a little village near Toulouse. It was just perfect. 

Your announcement to your husband ? 

I had so many ideas before even becoming pregnant on how I would tell him. But I was so shocked the morning I did the test in my bathroom that there was no way to hide it from him ! He just saw my face ! It was a beautiful sunny morning in our little Notting Hill flat, I will never forget this moment. Neither will he I think. 

Your 3 Must Haves ? 

Rest (that’s probably the most important thing to stock-up on before the birth of number 1 !!), a pretty and practical maternity bag (say bye-bye to running out of your place without a massive amount of stuff !) and a note book. Because you will want to remember things… And trust me, you will forget them if you dont write them down ! 

Your beauty tips ? 

Definitely a good anti-stretch mark lotion. Eve & Rose didn’t yet exist when I gave birth but if there is a number three….

Your best advice for a future Mum? 

Trust yourself. People will constantly tell you what to do, how to do… I found it quite relaxing not to read too many baby books and listen to all those ‘how to raise a happy child’ talks. I am not a perfect mum at all but I also don’t really believe in those magic recipes that would work for everybody. I decided to follow my instinct and to do what I thought was good for my girls. And for me. As I am convinced that a happy mum helps to have a happy baby ! 

Your favorite baby-shower gift ? 

A musical cushion by Annabel Kern, a cute bib or muslin pad by Barnabe aime le Cafe or something for the mums, like the beautiful handmade pouches by Les Fils 

When did you feel like a mother for the first time ?

 I think from the very first moment Margaux arrived. But now, it is really when I travel, when I organise their little lives that I do feel like a mum. Because this is what you remember your mum was doing for you I suppose… 

What do you want your children learn from you ? 

I love the fact that we live in London, which is amazingly cosmopolitan and international. The girls are trilingual, which is already a good start… But I hope this will go with open-mindess and respect of different cultures and traditions… We need that. 

A quote or phrase that resonates with you ? 

At Chanel, we were working a lot on Gabrielle’s quotes and so many really resonated with me. I like this one : ‘Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity’. Because I hate vulgarity. And the fact that people can think that money can buy anything… And that’s why I love working with small brands and passionate people. It’s all about buying less but better, and giving a meaning to what you buy. This is luxury to me, without obviously having to be expensive. 

Your daily routine as a mumpreneur?

I work from Monday to Thursday. There is no routine at all. It all depends what I have to do. Evenings I am with the girls and try to switch off a bit. But when I see Agathe taking my phone, pressing buttons with a very serious face and telling me ‘wait 2 minutes Maman, I am working’, I guess I dont manage to switch off that well… Need to work on that ! But I love the flexiblity that this job is giving me, how I can take some time off for the girls if I want or need, and I have met so many amazing people since the start of Rue des Petits. I feel very lucky. And thankful to my husband who is supporting and helping me as much as he can.

Thanks Julie ! 
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